Thursday, July 31, 2008

A New pair of lenses: Introduction:Part 1

This morning after waking up my eyes were kind of blurry. Nonetheless, I have been doing the "no-no"- sleeping consistently in my contacts. Therefore, I took them out and decided to put on my glasses. My blurriness was corrected and I could see so clearly now. Thus, this was a strong reminder about the "new lenses" that I was given in Christ about 10 years ago. The veil has been lifted and I now by God's grace began to see things more clearly and from a biblical worldview. Paul encouraged me in 2 Corinthians 3:16 that "..whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away." Therefore, I know that this is the only reason that I am beginning to see things differently.

A new pair of lenses: Marriage: Part 2

My view of the marriage relationship has changed tremendously. Thus, I am thankful that many of the changed thinking were made prior to entering into that covenant. Prior to coming to college I never really seen a godly marriage , nor studied the topic in the bible. I thought marriage was about getting married because you have these strong feelings and then pretty much living your life the same SEPARATE from your spouse. As skewed as that may sound , that is all I really knew. Thus, the Lord has shown me through His word that He ALWAYS intended for the husband and wife to be "one flesh , and to leave and cleave to one another". As basic as that may seem, I realize that this is not an easy thing to do especially when the world screams, "Girl, you need to do YOU!" PRAISE THE LORD, that I see through some "new lenses" and realize that 'Lord your way is ALWAYS best and that is where I find peace. And really, I don't want to "Do Me." That's not fun....

A New pair of lenses: Children : Part 3

Children. That is the next thing that the Lord has been showing me. However, this view has been changing over time.I have not always had a biblical view of children as I now see. Really it has not been even until about a few months ago that I began to say , Okay , Lord this is for real and now I think I am getting." However, I believe this came after much searching scriptures and truly BELIEVING that "Children are a blessing" (ps.127:3; gen 33:5) and that the LORD is ALWAYS in control of every circumstance, especially the choice to open and close the womb. (ps.127; gen.11:26; 21:1-2; 29:31; 30:1,22). Thus, I have not always thought that way.I somehow thought I had some control , yet even in the life the Lord has graciously given me with children, he has shown me that, "No, Nyema it is Me and not you." I have a , now just turning 4 yr old and 5yr old (12months apart) and a 4month old and we are expecting again! (They will be only 11months apart! Ha!) Surely the Lord is in control of this situation. My husband and I always says even if we wanted to do it this way, we could not. Even more, prior to obtaining my "new lenses" I would have SCREAMED and thought , "Lord , why? why me Lord? couldn't You have picked someone more "capable"? Someone who always dreamed of being a mommy and having lots of children" Why oh, why Lord? Nonetheless, by God's grace I say (with a more humble and thankful heart), "Lord, why me? Why us oh Lord? Lord I know I do not deserve to be blessed in such a manner, but I thank you and by your tender mercies we will raise these children in the way that You intended for them to go!"

Even more, I realize even when getting the "new lenses", I CHOOSE to remove them when I am not renewing my mind (rom12;1-2) in the Word daily and often. Now, I still because of Christ, still have my "lenses" , that does not change. But as I have done many times especially in the area of children, I have taken them off often and have not seen so clearly. Furthermore, I began to conform to the worlds thinking. We all know this thinking. Children are a burden, not a blessing (some say it with words, others with actions); They cost too much and I don't want to give up my comfortable "assets"; Look I don't have time, I have other things to do with my life then to raise children all my life (Disclaimer: I am not saying that God does not call us to extra things in some seasons in our lives, but all I am saying is , if the Lord wants you to be raising children for a "very long time", the your world is not over and we must be willing to say, "not my will, but Yours Lord.") All in all, I must continue to keep my lenses on so I can always see clearly and know what the Lord's will is(eph.5:17) So continue to pray that I will.

A New pair of lenses: Friends and Family ; Part 4

Friends and Family. This is another area that the Lord has been teaching me to see through my "new lenses". My husband and I have family, yet they are not "very" involved in our lives. We know them and communicate with them , but as far as a deep relationship , that is not really there. We at one time and I must admit, even now I , am burdened and really desire to really deep relationships. Nonetheless, I am reminded by the Lord that at this time, this is not the way He would have it. We have tried. Hence, in the sanctification process, I realize I must choose not to sin, by coveting, becoming envious, or bitter. This is our life and praise the Lord that this is OUR life. One story in the bible that really encourages me so much is the story about Jesus and his family. "While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him. Someone told him, "Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.He replied to him, "Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?"Pointing to his disciples, he said, "Here are my mother and my brothers.For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother."(matt:12:46-50) Wow, this has changed my who mindset! Who is my mother and brothers? It is those who do the Will of our Daddy! I do not negate that I do have a biological family, and that they are important, but I am no longer wondering, "Lord, where is my family?" He has so graciously shown me that you are now adopted into a new family. Nonetheless, I must say that this new family has been more than I can ever even dream of a family being. I think about every victory and trial that I have experienced in my adulthood, my "new" family has been there every step of the way to build us up. From the births of our children and even the death of one, my "Family"was there. When my husband and I married my "Family" was there. All of our children's birthdays , our "Family" was there. Moreover, when we have needs,like childcare, our "Family", is always there! I think about this past week, my husband has been out of town. Nonetheless, you know who was helping me hold it down back at home , "My Precious Family."

On another note about friends. I think about my friends, which is mostly "My Family". Prior to putting on my "new lenses", I saw friends as someone who had to think like me, act like me, shop like me, and they better like EVERYTHING about me. Now I see the faultiness in that thinking. I embrace now that the Lord has made everyone uniquely(ps139), and I can have friends who don't look like me; who don't talk me; even friends who don't even like the things I like. Even my basis in choosing friends and associates is clearly not the way I would have choose them in the past. I now choose friends who have a biblical worldview ; those who are seeking to have the mind of Christ (1cor.2;16). Also, I am not always looking to be served , but to serve them also (matt20:27-28). We also in many ways now sharpen each other (prov27:17). Furthermore, I not only associate with just the "like-minded" but with those who think other wise for the purpose of winning them the Lord.

All in all, I am forever thankful to Our Lord for these "new lenses". I no longer see in a blurred vision, but with more clarity, that the things of this world is passing away(1john2:17). I must say that my taste for the things of the world is diminishing, because I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.(ps.34;8) What a great pair of lenses to have!